Posted on August 14, 2021 3 Reasons to Pray or Praise God
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Praise God for People and Provision!

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Praise God for all the financial support that has come in this July! Our MPT Hwangs in Japan virtual fundraiser grossed over $15,000, a concurrent yard sale over $3,300 and the June matching campaign over $31,000 to add to our ongoing support. THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HELPED MAKE THIS POSSIBLE!!! Special thanks to our home church, JBC, who housed our auction packages and regularly promoted our events.

Praise God for all the prayers that went up. As a result, the amount of financial support raised is incredible. Yet, God has not seen fit to bring in all that is needed. So, our home assignment has been extended through December. At first we thought it was because COVID-19 issues in Japan that will make our transition difficult. But God knew Lee Ann needs to take care of a health issue (read below).

We are still in need of prayer for on-going financial support. IM needs to have sufficient funds pledged for our support in order to send us in a financially responsible way. We make plans but it is God who controls the outcome. “Not that I desire your gifts; what I desire is that more be credited to your account . . . And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:17, 19  NIV.

BBQ with the Japanese and Burmese students

Pray for Japanese Exchange Students

God has given us another opportunity to share our faith. The original group of 2 students has grown to 6. Recently, they were invited to a youth group BBQ sponsored by PLCC. They played games, ate a lot and also joined a Bible study. Apparently they had such a good time that some said they want to come to another Bible study this Wednesday!

Please pray for Y. She had great questions. We’ve had some in-depth discussions surrounding what she’s heard in sermons and Bible studies. Please ask God to remove the “scales from her eyes” and give her faith!

Please ask God to give us the questions we need to ask to engage the students. Ask God to prepare a faith community for them to belong to, one they will be able to access once we return to Japan and where they can be nurtured. Ask God to give them faith. He has already stirred some desire in their hearts. Recently, we’ve been interacting with them more than once a week!!

Pray for Lee Ann’s surgery

 Lee Ann has a marble-sized, benign tumor (meningioma) in her head. After numerous doctor visits, advice from many people and prayer, we have decided to have it surgically removed.

September 2 is the date for surgery! This gives Lee Ann time to get physically ready—EXERCISE!! EAT WELL!! GET GOOD SLEEP!!

Recovery, with no complications, is about 3 months. The surgeon said Lee Ann would be off work 2-3 weeks post surgery! Pray for Gordon!

Our goal is to return to Japan before the snowy season. Our future ministry partners are waiting for us! Please ask God, with us, to make it possible for us to return to Japan this year. However, we believe God knows when the best time would be, so we are leaving the final decision in His hands. If you are interested in regular updates, please subscribe to our prayer email.

Blessings and much Love,

Gordon and Lee Ann