Posted on January 12, 2017 Peter and Sarah McCurdy, International Ministries Missionaries, Begin Service in Costa Rica

Peter and Sarah McCurdy of Ridgeway, New Jersey, began their missionary service in Costa Rica in December 2016. The couple’s four children, ages 7 to 16, are serving with them.

The McCurdys serve at the invitation of American Baptist International Ministries (IM) partner the Federation of Baptists of Costa Rica.

Peter McCurdy’s ministry priorities are spiritual renewal and formation. He serves local pastors, seminary students and others pursuing a call to ministry by seeking to provide a safe and nurturing environment for them and their families. Peter will also extend his ministry into Cuba.

Sarah McCurdy, a former French teacher, is developing her role as an educator.

The McCurdys’ hope is that, through their ministries, hearts and minds will be changed and people will grow into the image of Christ.

“We hope that, through spiritual formation with the local pastors and seminary students, the churches will continue to grow in unity and capacity to reach their communities for Christ,” said the McCurdys. “As leaders of the church grow in faith, we hope the local church will grow in maturity as well.”

The McCurdys were commissioned by IM on November 15, 2015, and originally intended to serve in the Dominican Republic and Cuba. In early 2016, the McCurdy family began language study in Costa Rica.

“After IM missionaries Mylinda and Gary Baits left Costa Rica, the Baptist Federation there asked IM for new missionaries to support the urgent need to train pastors and church leaders in spiritual formation,” commented IM Area Director Adalia Gutierrez Lee. “This is one of Peter’s most developed skills. It seemed that Peter and Sarah were called to be in Costa Rica for such a time as this. What an incredible opportunity! The dialogue began and, before long, Peter and Sarah felt the same call to serve among our partners there. We look forward to witness what God has in store for their ministry.”

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