Posted on January 22, 2016 New Van for Women’s Ministry in Haiti

Van for Mabudiga and Kihomi –

Finally! The sturdy new van destined for Kihomi Nzunga’s use with women in Haiti has finally arrived. After many issues were resolved and thanks to much prayer, Kihomi took possession of the sturdy vehicle last Friday. A prayer service dedicated the van to the work Kihomi is doing with the women in Haiti.

The van is in place now, thanks to a loan from IM… but the loan needs to be paid back! Please help cover the $38,000 cost. Any size gift will be much appreciated! Go to:

Our prayer over the much-needed and much-anticipated vehicle:

Bless this Van, Oh Lord we pray

Keep it safe by night and day

Bless these bumpers so firm and stout

Keeping all safe and trouble out


Bless the tires and roof so tall

Let thy peace lie over all

Bless this door that it may prove

Ever open to joy and love


(Bless these windows shining bright)

(Letting in God’s heavenly light)

Bless the ministry, shines so bright

Meeting peoples needs with ascending prayer


Bless the people who ride here in

Keep them pure and free from sin

Bless us all that we may be

Fit Oh Lord to dwell with thee

Bless us all that we, one day, may dwell

Oh Lord, we pray