Posted on November 18, 2022 NBCC will live stream the celebration programs

Nagaland Baptist Church Council will live stream celebration programs

Benjamin Chan

November 18, 2022



The Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC) will live stream their celebration programs of 150 Years of Christianity in Nagaland 2022 through two channels:




November 19 (Saturday)

-Dedication of Sesquicentennial Monolith 3:30 pm (India time) = 5 am EST Nov 19 (Friday)

-Opening Worship 4 pm (India time) = 5:30 am EST Nov 19 (Friday)


November 20 (Sunday)

-Morning worship 9 am (India time) = 10:30 pm EST Nov 19 (Saturday)

-Focus Groups 1-3 pm (India time) = 2:30 am EST Nov 20 (Sunday)

-Closing worship 4:30 pm (India time) = 6 am EST Nov 20 (Sunday)


Unfortunately, I am not able to get the visa to go to India. NBCC has asked me to lead a Focus Group on Mission. I am disappointed missing the chance to learn and interact with the participants. Moreover, at NBCC’s request, I sent a video greetings which will be shared in the Sunday Service. Taku and Katie Longkumer, IM Regional Consultants for Economic and Community Development in Southern Asia, will represent IM to attend the Celebration.

Sharon Koh, IM Executive Director / CEO, has sent her congratulatory message to NBCC in an earlier time, Click to read the related journal:

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