Posted on November 15, 2022 150th Anniversary of Gospel Reaching Nagaland

150th Anniversary of Gospel Reaching Nagaland

Benjamin Chan

November 15, 2022


Rev. Dr. Zelhou Keyho, General Secretary of the Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC) shared a message in YouTube about the 150 years Celebration of Christianity in Nagaland to be held on Nov 19-20, 2022. “The Nagaland Baptist Church Council celebrates 150 years of Christianity in Nagaland. 2022 marks the sesquicentennial jubilee of Christianity in the land. Ever since the advent of Christianity in 1872, the Nagas have been led from grace to grace & great blessings have been bestowed upon the land. The love & mercy of God has kept our land. We celebrate this day to honour the founders and the people who have come before us; to be able to stand where we are today, & also the ones who upheld the beauty & power of the gospel in our land.”

Rev. Sharon Koh, Executive Director / CEO of International Ministries, in her congratulatory message to NBCC, said, “We celebrate your strong leadership, effective evangelism, church growth, leadership training and theological education, and we are particularly inspired by your participation in God’s global mission by sending Naga missionaries worldwide. Thank you for your continuing effort to build peace and to transform political and tribal conflicts. We pray that our rich shared history of participating in God’s mission in Nagaland will inspire all of us to look forward to what God will do in our midst in time to come.”

Rev. Dr. Benjamin Chan, Area Director of East and South Asia, conveyed his support to the Celebration in his message to Dr. Keyho, “Now we know that my colleague and I are  not able to get the visa to come to India. It saddens our heart that we cannot be with you in person in such an important and meaningful event of your Council and a historic moment of Christianity in Nagaland. Moreover the amazing Christian witness of Naga pastors and leaders, sisters and brothers speaks very loudly that Christ is and will be alive in Nagaland and in India despite any difficulty and challenge. American Baptists are with you! The global Christian community is with you!”

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