Posted on December 17, 2021 Miracles of Christmas?
Rejoice and Be Glad
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Our Miracles of Christmas

Q-Apartment Christmas Miracle

Have you ever thought about the miracles of Christmas? We’re back in Japan in a quarantine apartment in central Tokyo. We’ll complete our quarantine on December 25, just in time for Christmas! We will move to Rifu near Sendai in NE Japan on December 27 to partner with Oasis Chapel in ministry. To us, this is a major financial (and spiritual) miracle! Eighteen months ago, we were needing about $8,800/month more in support to return to Japan. We were facing these challenges in the middle of a pandemic!

Traditional Miracle

For almost 20 years, we have a family tradition to listen to “The Child of the Promise” musical. This musical is a retelling of the Biblical story of Jesus’ prophecy, birth, and escape to Egypt from murderous Herod. One of my favorite tracks is “Nothing Ever Happens to a Shepherd,” sung by 4HIM. God chooses to announce the miracle birth of Jesus to lowly shepherds and they are astonished. But instead of running away in fear, they take courage, obey, and find Jesus in a manger, just as the angel told them.  They burst out in song by praising God, “We Have Come to Worship Him.” These shepherds tell others of the amazing miracle of Jesus, Emmanuel, Savior of the world.

Modern Miracle?

Please pray for the people of Japan. The recent tradition of Christmas is often celebrated as a date night for couples on Christmas Eve. Or some have a family dinner with KFC fried chicken and Christmas Cake. In Japan, Christmas is a “time to spread happiness.” This is the final Sunday of Advent so please pray for the pastors and all hearts be open to the message they give. May they give the true meaning of the birth of Jesus, to save us all from our sin and shame. The Messiah was born of the virgin Mary and lived a perfect life. He sacrificed Himself willingly on the cross, and rose again to prove His deity. Jesus promised to return after ascending to heaven. This is the biggest miracle of Christmas: the gift of Jesus for our eternal life. Would you please pray many Japanese would accept this modern miracle?

Thanks for all your support and prayers! May we each have a blessed Christmas full of thankfulness (and a joyful New Year) because of the miracle of Jesus!

Much Love,

Gordon and Lee Ann

P.S. We are still in need of on-going financial support. IM needs to have sufficient funds pledged for our support in order for us to continue to serve in Japan in a financially responsible way. We make plans but it is God who controls the outcome. “Not that I desire your gifts; what I desire is that more be credited to your account . . . And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:17, 19  NIV.