Posted on March 22, 2024 Micro-Communities of Shalom
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January-March 2024 Update from Global Servants David & Joyce Reed


 Our Calling

Our calling as the Global Coordinators for Spiritual Care is to companion and equip global servant leaders.  We work directly with those who have a profound impact on people groups and communities all over the world! Last year we developed a vision and mission statement for this ministry:


Our Vision: A community of resilient, regulated, Christ-centered leaders who thrive for the long haul.

Our Mission: To shepherd Global Servants as they navigate the complexities of life and ministry in a cross cultural context.


Micro-Communities of Shalom

For the last two years of this ministry, we have focused on cultivating micro-communities of shalom through on-line zoom gatherings. The scope of these shalom communities have undergirded the spiritual formation of each global servant. Spiritual formation is choosing to enter the process of being conformed to the image of Christ for the sake of others. Thus, we have addressed emotional, spiritual, mental, physical, relational, and vocational health. We have developed safe, sacred spaces where people can be seen and known. We’ve also spent time learning how to manage long-term cross-cultural stress and ambiguous loss as these are two of the most common stressors for global servants. We have facilitated groups that have specifically discussed vocation & mission in a cross-cultural context, loneliness, anxiety, trauma, transition during liminal space, art & spirituality, and Sabbath rest.


The Fruit of this Ministry

Ministry with people is difficult to ascertain in measurable outcomes. As we know, human beings are living entities that often defy predictable outcomes! However, to glimpse the impact of these small groups, we’d like to share some comments from colleagues who participated in these micro-communities. Their feedback captures the essence of what we hoped these groups would become.


The micro-communities of shalom that David & Joyce facilitated:



We are humbled by these comments and are grateful for a glimpse of the fruit from the intentionality of these small groups! Through participation in authentic, safe, resilient community, these global servants were nurtured and equipped to mature in their walk with Jesus. As a result, these faithful servants of God grew in their capacity to serve and minister holistically in their global contexts. We are filled with joy and hope as we companion our colleagues on their journeys!


Thank you for your on-going partnership with our ministry!


David & Joyce Reed

Global Coordinators for Spiritual Care