Posted on August 23, 2018 Inspiring New Videos in Spanish and English
Worship at Song Sawang Church in Thailand

The World Mission Offering 2018 videos are now available for streaming and download in English with Spanish subtitles. The videos are each about 3.5 minutes in length, so they are short enough to use in group settings and during worship services. They tell a powerful message of how God is working through IM and your congregation for the kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. (Matt. 6:10)

IM CEO the Rev. Sharon Koh

Health & Wellness
Salud y Bienestar
Anita and Rick Gutierrez, South Africa

Abolishing Global Slavery
Aboliendo Esclavitud Global
Annie and Jeff Dieselberg

Economic and Community Development
Desarrollo Económico y de la Comunidad
Barbara and Dwight Bolick

Your church should have received a supply of promotional materials by now that includes all the resources you need to launch your World Mission Offering campaign in September. If you need additional resources, they can be downloaded in English or in Spanish. If you want IM to mail you additional materials, such as pew envelopes, please write to us here.

If your church has not previously promoted the World Mission Offering, we would be pleased to answer any questions and send you materials, so you can join this global mission movement through the work of IM’s global servants.

Please set aside time on four Sundays in September or October to use the World Mission Offering 2018 videos, bulletin inserts and pew envelopes during your service. We developed these resources so you can share with your congregation the impact your giving has in God’s global mission and how it is transforming lives as a result.

Please join us in praying for IM’s global servants and in giving sacrificially and generously to the World Mission Offering as the Lord Jesus leads us.