Posted on November 18, 2022 Farewell Mission Mobilization, Hello Global Consultant for Theological Education

November 30th, 2022 will be my last day as the director of Mission Mobilization at International Ministries (IM). I started in this ministry on June 1, 2018 at IM. I had the greatest honor of walking alongside women and men who were discerning God’s call upon their lives to serve cross-culturally overseas.

I have stepped out in faith to serve at International Ministries as a global consultant for theological education. When I informed our CEO/Executive director about my desire to serve in this new ministry, she commented, “Rodney, this is a courageous decision…” Courageous indeed!

The question is why would someone leave a good paying job and decide to move into ministry where you have to raise your own salary and ministry funds? The answer is that when God invites you to join in the advancement of the Kingdom of God, obedience and love for what God desires overrides everything else.

I am sitting in my office here at IM and on the wall is a map of the world and over the last four and half years that I have been serving in this ministry, each time a global servant was endorsed, I would insert their name and the country they will be serving. To date, thirty-four global servants in the various categories have been processed through mission mobilization. There are five potential candidates who are scheduled for interview and maybe added to this number. I am so blessed to have witnessed these folks get to this point.

In leaving this position, I take with me the stories of those who have gone through the application process and are now in the field or preparing to go onto the field. Their stories have inspired me in my own faith journey. How can I forget someone who came here as a refugee with everything stacked against her, studies, starts a family and then takes a courageous step to serve as a global servant in a refugee camp overseas, how can I not pause to reflect on a couple who feels God’s call to use a piece of property overseas that the wife’s family left and now want to use it to build a campsite and go serve there, how can I not be moved by a person who, in her own life and her people were subjected to discrimination, wants to show solidarity with others with similar experience by offering to serve among them, how can I forget the person who has left a life of comfort to live incarnationally among those who have so little. I will carry these and so many other stories in my heart and they will only serve to fortify God’s call in my life to be courageous and obedient to that call.

I am grateful to all my all-staff colleagues here at international Ministries for your friendship and ministry to me. Thank you to all the global servants whom I have had the honor of walking alongside and who now in the field advancing the mission of God as well as those who have been endorsed and preparing to be assigned. While I am not leaving IM, I will miss being in the office with you all.

On December 1, 2022, my appointment becomes effective which means I will start to earnestly begin raising support until I reach 100% of my personalized support goal. Currently my personalized support goal (PSG) is at 41%. I invite you to be part of my ministry! 

Yes, I want to be part of Rodney’s ministry and will support IM.