Posted on August 4, 2019 Heart Attack, Healing, and Home!
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Heart Attack

The chest pain would not stop! I felt the first pain walking from the bus stop toward home. Tired, I briefly rested in the bedroom. However, needing help now, I got out of bed. I barely got out the words, “I am having a heart attack!” before blacking out briefly and falling on my left shoulder.

Amazingly, Lee Ann and Miki were home and called for an ambulance immediately. In the midst of the pain and shock, I had no fear. The Lord gave me complete peace to endure each step. For example, I prayed silently, “I am ready for the Lord Jesus to take me home, but if it is His will, I would like to continue serving my family and our Japanese friends.”

I had learned God’s word, the Holy Bible, is my strength. So, Psalm 23 gave me deep, enduring strength. Miki wrote it on a poster for me. I had a friend, Reegan, tape it up on the ceiling above my hospital bed. At night, I read the words repeatedly and the chest pain would subside.


In addition, this Psalm is special to me because I first heard it while my Dad was on his deathbed, dying from cancer. His Christian hospice nurse recited it with our family while holding hands around Dad’s bed. This was the first time I remember weeping while hearing God’s word. I was a non-Christian then, still the touching words gave me comfort. Now, in my most desperate hour, the same words returned to comfort me again! God’s healing is in His comfort. He heals my spirit through the comfort of his word. Therefore, He heals me both in body and in spirit!


After having two emergency angioplasties and one stent implant, followed by a second angiogram, I am now recovering at home with a “new” heart! The doctor says I have no damage to my heart. It is clear of all blockages and is better than ever. This is amazing because one large artery was 99% blocked and a second large artery was over 90% blocked before surgery. On Friday, August 2, I was released from the hospital. I will continue with cardio rehabilitation and medication therapy. In addition, I also have a new diet and exercise regimen to follow!

Thank you for all your prayers! I felt the answers to those prayers in my inmost being and am very grateful. Our God is gracious to hear our prayers and powerful to answer with healing.

To God be the glory!

With Thanks and much Love,

Gordon (and Lee Ann) Hwang