Posted on August 18, 2017 God Provides
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Dear Loved Ones, Greeting.

About two weeks  ago, I was going from one store to another looking for the best quality eye glass cases our people like. I went from Mesa all the way to Chandler. When I got in one store in Chandler, Arizona, I found some cases exposed on the shelve. I asked one store employee if they had many of those cases. He did not know. I asked to see the manager. When the lady manager came, I asked her if they had many of those  eye glass cases. She checked to find out that they only had one box containing 48 cases.

I told her that I needed 3000 of them. Can you order them for me, please, I added. To my big surprise, the lady manager did not ask me  what  I was going to do with 3000, she did not ask me who I was, she did not ask me a deposit or to pay for the order, she did not ask me my ID. She said she was going to order for me. This Friday August 4, early in the morning, the lady manager called me to go get the eye glass cases. I got all those boxes and paid for them right there.

I do not know what people call miracle but  I do believe that this was a miracle. God knows our needs and He provides in His unique way.

Please join our people in thanking God for the gifts of the best quality eye glass cases.

Serving the Master in Haiti,
Nzunga & Kihomi



Dear Friends,

This journal was supposed to be before the last one I sent out.  Somehow, I missed it.  I’m blaming it on old age!!

In this day and age , this is truly a miracle.  I had my own retail store for 20 years and must admit I would have asked for a down payment for this large order from someone I did not know.  God provides what is truly needed.

Nzunga is back in Haiti with the eye glass cases despite several obstacles.  PTL.

Dennis Shewell
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