Posted on September 13, 2022 God at Work in El Salvador
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Intensive week in El Salvador …


God always moves in the hearts and minds of the students and teachers during the intensive weeks. And this week was no exception! Peter teaches/leads these weeks with the help of Mercy Gonzalez-Barnes, Tim Long (both fellow Global Servants), and with Mayra Picos-Lee (Director of the MTS Latin Ministry with Palmer). The Baptist School in San Salvador, El Salvador hosted the Intensive week and the teachers/leaders and students.

Every intensive week starts by the leaders sharing a meal together and finalizing plans for the week. As well as problem solving any unexpected hiccups that occur once on location. This time, there were a number of hiccups that needed ironed out before the week began. Which, thankfully, they did get worked out!

Tim Long, Mercy Gonzalez-Barnes, Myra Picos-Lee and Peter McCurdy


Day one of the intensive week…

The first day of the Intensive week is spent teaching and getting to know each other as a group at a deeper level. At this point in their program of studies the students have been in classes together for a year. The teacher, Profe (Peter), is new to everyone! So, the first day is important for building relationship with their Profe.

The students from the cohort in El Salvador

The students from the second year cohort ready to learn and grow during the intensive week.

Cohort picture, with Profe (Peter)!


Breaking bread together…

At the end of the week, the group shared communion together. What current and previous students have to say about this particular moment of the intensive week:

“This is one of my favorite parts, when we do the intensive week!”

“I didn’t want to leave my intensive week! Without a doubt, this week changed my life.”

“It was a unique and very special experience (communion)…reflective and sublime!”

Communion table


Giving Back …

Peter appreciated the hospitality and company of the Baptist School (a Pre-K through High School). He made connections with the director, teachers and custodial/grounds staff. The ministry that the school does touched Peter’s heart. He wanted to help them out in a small way. At the end of the week, he gave the director the markers & Sharpies that he brought to use during the intensive week. A small yet simple gift that the director received with a joyous and appreciative heart.

Peter pictured here with the Director of the Baptist School.


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