Posted on May 30, 2020 Giving Match 2020 – Send Jae to Mexico!
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Dear Friends,

Let me introduce myself, I am Georgia “Dolly” NotAfraid and a member of Jae Stockton’s MPT.  I attend First Baptist Church in Billings, Montana which is Jae’s sending church.  As a member of her MPT I have been a privileged to watch, pray and work with Jae as she strives to answer God’s call to serve in Mexico.  It has been thrilling to witness the efforts and dedication Jae has demonstrated in her journey to serve in the mission field.

When time permitted, I travelled with Jae to her speaking engagements in churches in this area.  I never tire of hearing her story, because she is passionate and authentic when she tells of the Lord’s work in her life and her great desire to be part of His work.  I am always moved by her witness.  She is extremely well prepared by her cultural background, her education, and her spiritual journey.  I always come away thinking, God has truly called this woman and she longs to serve.

As a retired person, I attempt to live frugally and be financially responsible, so I want my financial support to have the utmost impact.  I support Jae on a monthly basis and wish that I was able to give much more than I do.  But on June 1st, I will be able to increase my support for Jae and because my increase of monthly support will be matched.  Thus, doubling the increase.  Praise the Lord for a donor who has the financial resources to make this possible.  May God bless him or her and others who give so that God’s word will be spread throughout the world.

If you are already supporting Jae with monthly giving, you too can have an impact on Jae achieving her goal of 80%, which is the amount required for commissioning service.  As of right now, she is at 70% of her Personalized Support Goal (PSG).  She is getting so close.  However, she has not been able to follow her plan for speaking and training due to the shutdown of church meetings and quarantine restrictions.  All of which makes this opportunity so powerful.  You can increase your financial support significantly with the matching funds available on June 1st.  Please prayerfully consider supporting Jae if you have not done so.  A monthly recurring support of any amount will send her to the mission field.

Please read the following information regarding the matching funds and how to successfully take advantage of this wonderful gift to the mission ministries.


Monthly Matching Fundraising 2020 Guidelines

Start DateMonday, June 1, 2020. Donations received before this date will not be matched.

End Date:  When the funds run out (in 2018 this took 3 weeks with a $100,000 pool)

Available Matching Funds:  Approximately $239,100 Match

Eligibility:  NEW or INCREASED monthly recurring donations to Missionary Support only

•    Online donations must be made through the Monthly Giving Match page (this link is just to IM’s page, we will send out the direct link once we have it on Monday, June 1) .

•    Donations by check must note Monthly Giving Match and whether it is a New or Increased recurring monthly donation and note Missionary’s name.

Match Calculation:  12 months of NEW or INCREASED (amount of increase) donations will be matched.

Examples:  NEW $100 monthly recurring donation matched $1,200. EXISTING $100 monthly recurring donation increased to $150 matched at $600.

Limits:  Each Missionary Unit may be matched up to $5,000 Donations to Standard Appointment Missionaries raising Support only.  Any funds not matched as indicated above may be allocated to additional Missionary Support or to the General Fund.


•    Credit card donations are strongly encouraged/preferred.

•    Donors who may be uncomfortable with the Internet can call Donor Services to place their gift over the phone.  Please call Donor Services at (610) 768 – 2323.

•    Existing donors must create a new online donation rather than increasing an existing online donation. Donor Services can/will combine these donations later, but they need to be kept separate initially to correctly calculate the match amount.


It is very gratifying to know that we, who are not able to leave our homes and go into a foreign country to tell of our wonderful Lord and Savior, can be a part of another’s ministry.  We too can say, “Yes Lord, use me!”

Yours in Christ,

Dolly  (Jae’s MPT – Communication Advocate)