Posted on October 26, 2017 Give, Pray… but Stay!

Thank you to everyone who has reached out to International Ministries (IM) offering to help in relief and recovery efforts in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. Your heart is in just the right place! You have seen the news reports—so much urgently needs to be done, even five weeks after Maria.  But so much still needs to be done, that it is too soon for our sisters and brothers in Puerto Rico to be able to host volunteer teams.  Please spread the word.  When the time is right, IM will join with the rest of the ABCUSA family, led by American Baptist Home Mission Societies, to promote the work of teams. Just as with Katrina and with Sandy, the work to rebuild, restore and renew Puerto Rico after Maria will require years of effort. In the meantime, keep praying! We praise God for your outpouring of love and concern during this difficult time for our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico.