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The Going with God guide has been translated in Spanish. Vamos Con Dios.
More teams can be better prepared to be God’s ambassadors in Spanish speaking countries, and from Spanish speaking congregations to where God will send them.

| A Blessing to Serve

Sister Olga Ramos Marcano reports about a recent short-term mission trip her team made to the Dominican Republic. Here is what she says “This short-term mission has made us more sensitive to the needs of others, including the people around us….  Our relationship with others cannot be the same. We will strive to be better human being; treat those around us with love, respect, better understanding, patience and be more tolerant.”

| The Love Plane… / El Avión del Amor…

The proverb says, “love starts at home”. That is precisely how we started our missionary journey. // Dice el refrán que “el amor empieza por la casa”. Eso es precisamente como empezamos nuestra tarea misionera.

| The Triangle of Life / El Triángulo de la Vida

Al mirar nuestra nueva asignación a Colombia, nos emociona y alienta esta oportunidad que Dios nos da. // When we look at our new assignment to Colombia, we are excited and encouraged by the opportunity God is providing.

| IM’s Puerto Rico Global Servants Still Need $160,000 to Fill the Gap

IM is urgently seeking help in the amount of $20,000 for each of eight IM missionaries to help close the funding gap in their support. This special appeal is called “Stand in the Gap.”

Puerto Rico - Stand in the Gap | Puerto Rico – Missionary Support Stand in the Gap

IM’s global servants from Puerto Rico need your help, as they continue to play a supportive role in the Iglesias Bautistas de Puerto Rico and American Baptist Home Mission Societies’ efforts to rebuild, restore and renew Puerto Rico after hurricane devastation.