Posted on September 29, 2022 From Endorsement to Appointment to Assignment: An overview of the requirements towards serving as Global Servant
[pie chart]70%Support Pledged

In May of this year, International Ministries endorsed me as Global Consultant for Theological Education. Prior to endorsement a budget was created for me which included network building and start-up costs, support for me as global consultant and support for my ministry. The Global Mission Team voted on this, and it was at this meeting that I was endorsed.

What does endorsement mean? Well, before I state what it means, let me say that in this process of becoming a global servant, there are three milestones. These are Endorsement, Appointment and Assignment.

I have reached the first milestone of Endorsement. Endorsement means that a person is endorsed to form a Mission Partnership Team (MPT) and develop a Mission Partnership Network. On September 15, an orientation for my Mission Partnership Team was held. I was so encouraged by this team. Despite their busy schedules, they agreed to serve and support me in my network building. In one of my earlier journals, I listed some names of my MPT, and I am pleased that additional folks were added to the team. I am still serving in my current role as Director of Mission Mobilization, and I am busy working with candidates who have applied to serve with IM as global servants. It is my hope that in December of this year, I will move to the next milestone.

The second milestone is Appointment. Having established an effectively functioning Mission Partnership Team and built a financial support base demonstrating a projected monthly average of at least 25% of the personalized support goal, a person may request to be appointment. The Global Mission Team will vote on the appointment and what that means is that the person will be required to resign from his/her work and become engaged in full-time fund raising. When I am appointed, the same will apply to me. I will then move from my current position to engage in network building and fundraising. I will need to raise support to meet all my start-up costs and the estimated budget that was set for me when I was endorsed. Once I reach 80% of my personalized support goal, I will be commissioned.

When my personalized support goal reaches 100% and all pre-assigned costs are met, I then can move to the third milestone, which is Assignment. Assignment means that a person is assigned for service/ministry and has completed the following:

– pre-assigned orientation and training,
– established an MPT,
– the Missionary Partnership Network is giving to International Ministries a projected monthly average of 100% of the personalized support goal and,
– IM’s Board of Directors have commissioned the global servant.

I am looking forward to moving onto the next milestone which is Appointment and then to Assignment so that I can begin with my ministry as a global consultant. I invite you to join my network and be part of God’s will and mission through my life.

Thank you for your partnership!