Posted on May 2, 2024 Empowering Literacy in the Dominican Republic: Seminar Debut
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After months of preparation, I had the opportunity to teach the literacy training seminar for the first time – and it was a success!

In February, I joined colleagues, Barbara Bolick & Ketly Pierre in the Dominican Republic. Where we spent a week immersed in visiting, learning about, and sharing with the Talita Cumi Girls Clubs of the Dominican Republic. Leydi, the Talita Cumi Girls Club country coordinator, joined us for the week. We visited the six different clubs that week. A different club every day!

During our visits, Barbara shared her heart with the girls about the purpose behind Talita Cumi Girls Club. Plus, she encouraged them in their education, career goals/hopes and relationships with each other. I had the joy of introducing the girls to the mini libraries and the joy of reading.

The pinnacle of the week was when Leydi & I taught the literacy training seminar for the club’s mentors. With six mentors in attendance, it was a day filled with learning and fellowship. At the seminar’s conclusion, Barbara and I presented each mentor with a partial mini library and small gifts of encouragement and appreciation. Which brought them immense joy.

By the end of the seminar, all mentors were excited to utilize the teaching tools and manuals that they were given. Many of the girls they mentor are struggling with reading. We hope that through this training and the resources provided, the mentors will develop into effective reading mentors. Resulting in the girls discovering the joy of reading and a positive impact on their literacy levels.

Everyone agreed that it was an excellent seminar as well as educational. One mentor’s feedback particularly surprised and encouraged me. She shared that she was initially skeptical about the need for this seminar. But, she became increasingly more engaged, relaxed and excited as we delved into the material. She left feeling uplifted, equipped and with plans to integrate what she learned into both her personal and professional life. She plans to take what she learned and incorporate it into her personal & professional life as well as with the girls at her club.  Plus, teach future mentors the material. Furthermore, she’s excited to share this knowledge with the teachers at her school, where she serves as academic director.

In conclusion, it was an exceptional seminar, leaving everyone feeling inspired and better prepared to make a difference in the lives of these girls. I’m grateful for the opportunity to empower literacy and transform lives in the Dominican Republic with my fellow colleagues in mission. 🇩🇴 #MissionaryWork #LiteracyEmpowerment #TalitaCumiGirlsClub

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