October 11, 2023 Latin America – Mini Libraries For Talita Cumi Girls Clubs
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GoalThe goal of this project is to create 50 mini libraries in Latin America that will improve the literacy skills of girls in the Talita Cumi Girls Clubs.
SummaryThis project seeks to raise $6,452 annually in order to create mini libraries with 3,800 Spanish books of various reading levels for Talita Cumi Girls Clubs in 5 Latin America countries, that will improve literacy rates and the chance for a better future.
DescriptionCOVID had a devastating impact on the literacy rates of children in Latin America. When schools shut down children received little to no education. Mentors of the Talita Cumi Girls Club realized that many girls had fallen one or two grade levels behind, while other girls couldn’t read at all. Why create mini libraries? In many places, the majority of schools and families do not have the resources or training to help the girls improve their literacy rates. The need is urgent as there are a number of clubs whose girls are already halfway through the two-year program, and more clubs began in the summer of 2023. We believe that with some literacy training, the provision of specific education materials, and the creation of mini libraries, the girls’ literacy rates will improve, which increases their chances of leading a fruitful life. Long-term, these mini libraries will be used for years to come as the TCGC expands and new girls join the clubs. This project will provide 3,800 Spanish books of various reading levels at 50 Talita Cumi Girls Clubs in Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico and Nicaragua. The project total cost is $ 19,355 for 3 years, or $6,452 per year.
Suggested GiftsA gift of $355 will provide 1 complete mini library with approximately 76 books for various reading levels. A gift of $710 will provide 2 complete mini libraries. A gift of $1,420 will provide 4 complete mini libraries. A gift of $3,550 will provide 10 complete mini libraries.
Prayer RequestsPray that this addition of academic support will improve the girls’ literacy and comprehension rates. Pray that the improved skills each girl acquires will help their siblings and classmates. Pray that these mini libraries will expand the impact of Talita Cumi Girls Clubs.
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