Posted on December 7, 2021 Empower 1,000 pastors and seminaries in Asia

Empower 1,000 pastors and seminaries in Asia

Benjamin Chan

December 7, 2021



Praise the Lord for his blessings of the “Provide Post-COVID Contextualized Theological Education in Asia” training program this year. This certificate program, in partnership with the North East Christian University, has blessed 457 pastor, church leaders and seminarians from 12 countries in Asia. The fourth book of the collection of the training presentations was just published. (See picture) Thank Dr. Wati Longchar for coordinating the program, and for inviting so many college and seminary professors in India to help the training. Wati is IM Consultant for Theological Education in East and South Asia.

I am also very glad to share with you that we are preparing another training for 2022 – Leadership Training on Christian Enterprise Development. Wati is coordinating the program with a planning team. IM Global Consultants Bruce and Ann Borquist have designed the teaching modules and will serve as the lead teachers. We thank the North East Christian University again for their partnership and recognition of this certificate program. The training will begin January 20, 2022. Wati shares with great excitement, “We originally targeted a total of 400 trainees, 200 in January to June session, and 200 in July to December session, but we have already received more than 390 applications, while we are receiving requests from churches and seminaries. We have raised the target to 500 trainees and ask God to lead and bless the program. Other members of the planning team are Becky S., Stan Slade, and Carole Sydnor.