Posted on January 20, 2022 Christian Enterprise Development Training for Asia inaugurated

Christian Enterprise Development Training for Asia inaugurated

Benjamin Chan and Wati Longchar

January 20, 2022


The Christian Enterprise Development (CED) Training for Asia was inaugurated on January 19, 2022 via Zoom Webinar. In 2021, International Ministries (IM) conducted a very successful Christian Leadership Training in Post-COVID Era in partnership with the North East Christian University (NECU) in Nagaland preparing more than 400 seminarians, pastors and churches leaders in Asia to reflect on the impact of the COVID pandemic and to learn how to minister to their congregations and communities in this difficult time. The CED Training is to focus on helping them to develop their capacity to address economic struggle.

We are blessed by the presence of more than 50 international Christian leaders and seminary professors, and more than 200 participants. We are honored to have the following special guests to bring greetings and encouragement: Rev. Dr. Akheto Sema, General Secretary of the Council of Baptist Churches in North East India: Dr. Darlando Khathing, Vice Chancellor of North East Christian University; Dr. Henry S Wilson, Executive Director of the Foundation of Theological Education in South East Asia; and Dr. Maker Spurgeon, Director of South Asia Programs of the United Board of Higher Christian Education.

Dr. Wati Longchar, Coordinator of the training thanked NECU for their continuing partnership in providing the certificate program. He also thanked for the interest and support of so many theological seminaries in Asia. Wati shared, “When I share with them our plan, there are tremendous response affirming our effort to empower the church to bring our faith to the concrete life of our struggle neighbors.” When I introduced the training, I stated that Christians need to re-examine our understanding of wholistic gospel, and how concretely we have carried out wholistic mission which touches the social and economic live of the people we serve.

Ann and Bruce Borquist who designed the training module, explained to the participants that “The  purpose  of  this  seminar  is  to  present  social  enterprise  as  a  viable  option  for churches  that  seek  to  address  the  social,  economic,  and  spiritual  challenges  of  their communities  in  a  holistic  way  that  responds  to  God’s  mission  for  a  church,  its community, and its members.” The course will cover (1) the fundamentals  of  Christian  enterprise  development as  an expression of God’s holistic mission to rescue, redeem and restore all creation. Students will  research  and  develop  a “lean canvas” business plan  for  a  faith – based  social enterprise that can sustainably meet a need or solve a problem in their community that market forces or government services are unable or unwilling to address.”

Please pray for the participants of the training. Many students have limited internet and device to fully benefit from the study. Our work team is collecting their feedback from emails and WhatsApp Chat groups to improve the Webinar. Other work team members are Becky, Stan Slade and Carole Sydnor.