Posted on October 13, 2018 Celebrate with us!
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Join us in celebrating the accomplishments of the first cohort of graduates from Mexico City from Palmer Theological Seminary’s Masters of Theological Studies in Latino/a Studies program!

A couple weekends ago, Peter went to Mexico City to celebrate with his students their accomplishment of graduating from the Palmer Theological Seminary. This graduation was special and meaningful to all for a variety of reasons. This group of students was the first cohort to graduate from the Masters of Theological Studies in Latino/a Studies program. They have worked and studied very hard over the past two years to complete this program of study.

As Peter was celebrating with the graduates, he quickly realized that he was surrounded by many powerful testimonies that came out of this program of study: One graduate, who is a pastor, is starting to train lay leaders with the information he has learned and is continuing the educational impact beyond the program. A couple is doing evangelism and are finding new success after completing the Master’s degree. Another couple is finding balance in ministry after many years of ministry running their life and almost ruining their marriage. A group of students are working together to start a ministry for victims of abuse and domestic violence in Mexico City.

Join us in praising God for the fruit that is coming out of this program.