Posted on September 20, 2021 Brain Surgery Update
Brain Surgery Update
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Brain Surgery Update

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Great News! On Friday, Sep. 17, our neurosurgeon’s PA said, “No Cancer!” The pathology report from the biopsy was negative! PTL!! Afterward, Lee’s stitches were removed and she is scheduled for a follow up MRI on Nov. 2. So, please continue to pray for her brain during recovery and no complications.

More Good news! Minutes after we returned home from the neurology office, Tom, the PT, arrived and Lee did a full set of exercises with him. During the evaluation, she easily did 25 steps on a step stool. Tom said she is good to go for the steps up to our apartment! This is another green light for our return to Lacey today, Monday, Sep. 20.

I am still a little tired from care giving but I like taking a long nap before dinner. I would not be able to stay healthy without a great support team. That is why I started using Lotsa Helping Hands and invited some of our family, friends, and prayer/support partners to join Lee’s Helping Hands team. Many generously provided chat time/visits, meals, and prayers! Thanks again for your prayers for me, too!


Prayers and Answers

Thankful for the continued prayers and answers (ans) updated:

Thank you for your effective prayers! Please continue to pray for Lee Ann’s recovery! We need you and your prayers! Please ask God to:


Encouraging Praise/Worship Video

During the removal of her stitches by the nurse, we were encouraged by this (6 min.) YT video “Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)” by Chris Tomlin:

Thank you for your prayers for Lee’s brain surgery recovery!

Much Love,

Gordon and Lee Ann