Posted on May 8, 2019 Big Changes on the Horizon – US Home Assignment
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After almost four years of service in Costa Rica, we will be returning to the USA, beginning June 2019, to start our required year of home assignment. This is 6 months earlier than originally anticipated but it is necessary for Peter to receive medical treatment for his migraines (read more below) and to better accommodate the children’s transition to school.

What does this mean and where will we live?
We will be based out of Ridgway, Pennsylvania for the year. The year of home assignment or more properly termed “US/Puerto Rico Assignment,” is a time when missionaries temporarily come off the field and go back to their passport country for a period of time, typically one year. During this time they go through debriefing meetings, attend conferences for missionaries, receive counseling to make sure they are adjusting well to life overseas, help International Ministries with work stateside (Biennial Convention and Hear the Call Retreats), attend trainings or seminars, enjoy some rest and time with family, and perhaps one of the most important things, visit the churches and individuals who have faithfully given support. As well as seek new churches and individuals with whom to partner on their mission journey. This is just some of what we will be doing over the next 12 months. We are looking forward to this time of rest, visiting, and renewal as we continue to make connections and work with each of you.

What happens with the ministry?
Some of the teaching and spiritual direction ministry can be continued remotely with video calling and short trips. Peter will continue teaching with Palmer and will have a couple international trips that correspond to that.  We also have a few short-term mission teams that are scheduled in the next couple months, so one or both of us will travel down with the teams.
What about Peter’s migraines?
We have good news on that front – we have finally found some medicine that is working – but it is only available in the USA. According to Costa Rican drug reps this medicine will hopefully be available in CR sometime in 2020, God willing. Peter returned to the USA (with Sam & Elianna) in April to start the medication; he has now been migraine free for two weeks! Join us in praising God for the migraine relief Peter is enjoying! After months of non-stop migraines this is a very hopeful preventative treatment. The medicine is a once a month injection called AIMOVIG. It is expensive but thankfully insurance covers most of the costs. Your continued prayers in this area and for the rest of the family are greatly appreciated.

How can you be praying for us?
Pray for our family as we walk through this transition. The uprooting that we feel is disorientating. A full year in the USA is very different than a short visit. We are all leaving dear friends (many who have become like family to us), our ministry, and our church. We are excited to see family, friends, worship with our home church in the USA and many other churches. However, we find ourselves in a paradox of feelings: joy and sadness, excitement and some anxiety, ready to take on what lies ahead and yet at the same time hesitant to leave behind what we are currently involved in. Pray for us as we grieve the loss of our sweet dog, who amidst this transition, suffered renal failure and had to be put down. Pray for the kids that they will make friends in Ridgway, that they adjust well to a new school system and that they can be involved in an activity that they enjoy. Pray for Peter and Sarah that God will continue to lead them to the right doctors and medical treatment for Peter. Also, that Sarah may find time to rest and for renewed strength as it has been a tough 6+ months for her. Pray for our family as we will be separated for a period of about 2 months. This separation is due to Peter’s early departure from CR in April and Sarah’s need to stay behind to wrap things up in Costa Rica.  Pray for Elisabeth as she finishes her freshman year of college and begins her summer job at an all-girls Christian summer camp.

How do you schedule the McCurdys to visit your church? 
We would love to schedule a visit with you so please send us an email at  We will do our best to accommodate your request. Please remember, with churches that are farther away we will work to schedule a week or two to visit the region so that we best make use of our time and your donations.

Since you will be in the USA, do you still need our support?
YES! In fact, now more than ever. We will still be working and employed by International Ministries, just in a different capacity than when in Costa Rica. Currently, we are about $2,500 per month short of meeting our monthly budget. We will be working to expand our support network during this year so that when we return to CR, we will be fully funded. If you’d like to support us and be a part of God’s work in Costa Rica and Latin America you can do so here, by making an ongoing monthly tax-deducible gift to International Ministries.

Grace & Peace,

Sarah & Peter McCurdy

Global Servants with International Ministries to Costa Rica