Posted on September 26, 2022 Beautiful Connections

Did you know that the Europe, Middle East and Liberia desk in collaboration with the Short-Term Mission desk at International Ministries sponsored a 3-Day Mission Express to the MENA region this September 2022? 

Fifteen adults based in the US, from four states went on a virtual discovery short-term mission trip to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA region). Several members of the First Baptist Church of Gettysburg joined the trip. The 3-Day virtual Mission Express ministry immersion was hosted by Dennis Wiens, Vice President of Ministry Partnerships and Ray Heinen, Director of Ministry Partnerships, leaders from SAT-7

The US based team was welcomed by several siblings in Christ in various studios of SAT-7 in the MENA region. Beautiful stories and testimonies about the ministries SAT-7 is involved in were shared, and hearts were transformed in Arabic, English, Farsi, French and other languages. Spontaneous prayers covered needs the team heard. Ministry was lived!

Here is a picture of a welcome sign that greeted the team in Cairo.

The US based team was taught about virtual outreach where “theology is delivered through technology” (quote from Ray Heinen). The team was also taught about the intersection of incarnational connections, as humanity is honored and valued. Sermon preparations were shifted for pastors in the room, as they viewed the Sermon of the Mount from different lenses. As Dennis Wiens often refers to in his podcast, Unconventional Ministry of the accessibility of the Gospel in unprecedented ways was understood in greater depth by everyone¬†

International Ministries has been a long-time partner of SAT-7, since Dr. Terence Ascott’s vision about SAT-7. Dr. Ascott’s book entitled Dare to Believe speaks of the journey.

It was humbling to have the gift of three days to be immersed in God’s mission and start, continue and strengthen professional and Christian relationships across thousands of miles, in countries many of us cannot be in-person. It was humbling to find commonality around prayer, food, Jesus and God’s Word.


If you are interested in cross-cultural short-term mission, virtually or in-person, please don’t hesitate to contact the Short-Term Mission desk at

Thank you for your support.