J.D. & Rhonda Reed

J.D. and RHONDA have served with IM since 2011, primarily in Bolivia. Rhonda (RN, MSN) serves as the Global Coordinator for Health and Wellness. She facilitates collaboration and networking with global servants who serve in global health and wellness ministries, represents IM in working with global health organizations, and supports IM’s provisions for medical and mental health of global servants through developing resources, providing advice, and assisting with member care programming. J.D (D.Min.) is a regional consultant for Theological Education throughout Iberoamerica and the Caribbean. He is the administrative coordinator for the Masters for Theological Studies Latino/a Ministries (MTS) program for Palmer Seminary of Eastern University. He works with IM partners and global servants to help train pastors and church leaders in the region. The Reeds provide administrative support to Fundación Proyecto de Esperanza (the House of Hope) in Cochabamba, Bolivia.
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