Posted on March 22, 2021 Amity Foundation – IM partner snapshot series

Amity Foundation – IM partner snapshot series

Benjamin Chan

March 22, 2021


The Amity Foundation in China, formed in 1985

“Amity Foundation, an independent Chinese social organization, founded in 1985 on the initiative of Chinese Christians led by Bishop K.H. Ting and joined by people from all walks of society, works to promote education, public health, social welfare, community development, environmental protection, disaster relief and other philanthropic undertakings in China and other parts of the world. Amity projects have benefited more than ten million people at home and abroad.” Click to learn more about Amity’s work:

International Ministries supports Amity’s NGO development program (; and Education for Orphans project, click to learn more and support this meaningful ministry:





From the left: Mr. Zhonghui Qiu, Chair of the Board of Amity Foundation and Amity Printing Company (5th); and Ms. Chunxiang Ling, General Secretary of the Amity Foundation (7th)