Posted on June 14, 2019 Youth 2 Youth

A special team of 13 people; 11 youth (from different congregations in CEN & GRR regions) and two team leaders will be heading to Costa Rica in three weeks. A “Y2Y” special connection will be formed under a multifaceted leadership umbrella. Rev. Ivan Greuter, Pastor and IM Board member will be co-leading with Dr. Cynthia Falk, Professor and Special Assistant to STM…Two distinct ABC regions joining hands to travel from the US to accompany 11 young people eager to discover Costa Rica, its beauty, culture and other young people with similar aspirations.

Waiting to welcome this special team will be our long-term global servant Peter McCurdy and his teenage son, members of the Federacion de Asociaciones Bautistas de Costa Rica, the Campamento Bautista of Ochomogo (Baptist Camp), the youth and parents from Costa Rica. English and Spanish will be inter-mingled during the nine days of service.

This team is traveling to Costa Rica as God’s guests, to be God’s ambassadors or mercy, hope, joy and love, to build and strengthen cross-cultural relationships, experience worship in a foreign language and be amazed at how God will speak to their heart language. ¬†This team will be blessed by arms of love, joy and compassion for nine days.

Please join the STM team in keeping them in prayers as they make final preparations. Please keep parents, grandparents, guardians in prayers who will see their loved ones off at the airport.