Posted on February 19, 2017 Yalla Help!
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Larry had a wonderful experience during this last trip to Serbia:

Working in Greece last year, he met Petros Tsetris and Deena Stevens. This couple founded an NGO (non-governmental organization) called Yalla Help to support the refugees.

Larry made them aware of the situation with the refugees in northern Serbia. They offered to come and buy supplies to donate and distribute. Last week Deena and Petros and two volunteers arrived in Serbia. Zoltán, the Baptist pastor, offered the team a place to stay at the church. They bought and distributed 500 pairs of gloves, 100 pairs of leggings and other supplies and distributed them to refugees along the Serbian border.

Over dinner that night, Larry told them about his work with the Baptist church, cutting firewood and giving out briquettes. He explained that many of the local Serbian people–Europeans–are very poor, living in desperate situations.

Petros, Deena and their team are compassionated people. They discussed the possibility of buying food and firewood for the Serbian community. They put together a plan to organize and distribute commodities and a hygiene bag to 40 families in the villages near the Baptist church.

Larry was amazed at their love for people–not just the refugees, but the poor in Serbia as well.

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