Posted on October 27, 2021 World Mission Offering 2021
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Health and Wellness Health and Wellness

The picture, above, is from the relief efforts in Haiti following the 2010 earthquake. It is just one example of how your support of my ministry brings healthcare to places all over the world.

Today, when there are so many crises, providing adequate healthcare, resources, and encouragement, is needed more than ever. As a supporter of my ministry, you become the Hands and Feet reaching every corner.

And so, because of this I am asking for your help. I have been working with International Ministries for over 21 years and combined with my volunteer time in Haiti, I’ve been working in missions for almost 25 years! I could not have done this without you, but for the first time in my ministry, my support has dropped to 83%.

You can help in several ways:

I am very thankful for all who have supported this ministry over the years and am grateful for your generosity. I want this ministry to continue for another 20 years but I cannot do that without you. Will you help? Will you bless this ministry and those it serves?

The World Missions Offering, through the American Baptist Churches, runs from September to October of each year. It is a fantastic way to show your support of the overall work of International Ministries by making a gift to the General Fund or specifically giving your gift to a particular ministry like, Kristy Engel’s. Please consider how you might be able to give this year.