World Mission Conference: HOUSING

Here are some frequently asked questions about housing during the World Mission Conference at the Green Lake Conference Center or you can return to the WMC homepage.


Q: How do I arrange for housing?

A: Call the Green Lake Conference Center at 920-294-3323 to make a reservation. Visit their website to see the wide variety of housing options including hotel rooms, rental homes, cottages, cabins and campsites.

Q: What are the hotel rooms like?

A: All the rooms and suites have private bathrooms, air conditioning, and are smoke-free. Handicap accessible rooms and suites are available. Rooms do not have hair dryers, toiletries, or a coffee maker. The lounges of Bauer and Kern Lodges have coffee, a microwave, mini fridge, TV, iron and ironing board. The new fourth floor lounge in Roger Williams has coffee, a microwave, mini fridge and TV. The iron and ironing board are located in the restrooms on either side of the lobby doors on the first floor.

Q: I have medication that needs to be refrigerated. What should I do?

A: There are mini refrigerators are in the lounges on each floor of Bauer and Kern Lodges, the main floor of Lone Tree Lodge, and the fourth floor lounge in Roger Williams Inn. If you do not feel comfortable using those locations, ask Green Lake about renting a mini fridge for your room. Rental houses, cottages, and cabins all have refrigerators.

Q: I would like to share the cost of housing with a roommate. What are my options?

A: Contact Karen Mason, the Director of Special Events for International Ministries. She keeps a list of individuals and groups looking to share a room or fill a rental house. You can email her at or call 610-768-2197.