Posted on June 10, 2022 Words Matter

Here are initial reflections by Claire Walker, who recently returned from her first international short-term mission trip. If the name seems familiar, it may be because you heard her interview on the B4M podcast

Now she shares how God opened her eyes and heart to “Being Enough.”

“How can we share what understanding we had to let go of in order to receive a new or deeper understanding in order to speak, or simply hear, the language of those around us? Words matter. The words we use on the US side of the border do not match what is true on the other side of the wall. I have come to understand. I traveled to Tijuana and did not speak the language. Certainly not speaking Spanish allowed me to wonder how I would manage to find a place to sleep at night in a city I did not know. In a city whose language I did not share. But more importantly I did not speak the language of immigration, nor the language of humanity to the depths people deserve. For me so much comes under the umbrella of speaking the language…the preferred language of another, the language shaped by another’s lived experiences, the language of the “rules of the day” in order to figure out what is expected/required in order to cross the border to continue one’s search for home.

When we prepare to travel or prepare to work on behalf of those searching for safety and community, what are the “languages” we need to speak, that we need to understand in order to be present, in order to put our hands onto the wounds of another?”

More reflections will be shared in future weeks.

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