Every September and October, congregations come together for a time of awareness, advocacy and action for global mission. Churches across the country celebrate and support the ministries that God is using to transform the world. This is the World Mission Offering.

For the 2018 World Mission Offering, we are highlighting the Ministry Priorities of Health and Wellness, Abolishing Global Slavery and Economic and Community Development. While these represent only a fraction of IM’s ministries, they provide a widow into what God is doing worldwide through our 120 global servants, 900+ volunteers, 43 home staff and 240+ global partners.

Why Give to the WMO?

Email us at wmo@internationalministries.org with your order and full contact information, including church name, email address and telephone number.

Fill out the order form that your church receives in the mail. You may also download this order form here. Mail the completed order form to our new address:

International Ministries WMO
1003 W 9th Ave, Ste A
King of Prussia, PA 19406

Call us at 610-768-2208 or 610-768-2182 on weekdays from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM EST.

With questions about making a gift, please contact the Donor Services team at 1-800-222-3872, ext. 2323, or IMdonorservices@internationalministries.org.