These World Mission Offering videos give you a first-hand look into how God is at work around the world through your partnership in ministry.

In Malaysia, IM Global Servants Aaron & Valerie Osterbrock are helping to prepare seminary students for pastoral ministry.

In South Africa, Global Servant Faye Yarbrough is mentoring and tutoring children who benefit greatly from the additional support and attention.

You can watch or download each of the videos through the links below. We offer tips on how to download the videos and bulletin inserts at the bottom of this page.


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A glimpse into the ministries of IM Global Servants Aaron & Valerie Osterbrock as they help train pastors in Malaysia. (2:45/English)
An inside look into the ministry of Global Servant Faye Yarbrough--how God is at work in the lives of the children at Teleios Christian School, and in her own life as well. (2:51/English)


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