Posted on October 18, 2020 White Cross: Providing Food to the Hungry and a Welcome to the Stranger
Excerpt from White Cross – Myanmar Medical Care and Food Project

Since 1919, White Cross has provided practical ways for individuals and churches to respond to needs around the world with the love of Christ. Through your gifts, White Cross fulfills requests for goods and supplies from global servants and our international partners. When you give to White Cross, you are making it possible for children to go to school, preventing child labor exploitation and human trafficking, and supplying basic needs.

Your gifts to White Cross provide medicine and medical supplies to hospitals and clinics as well as aid and relief to refugees, displaced people, and victims of disasters. Sometimes the smallest gifts provide tremendous help when given at a time that aids in recovery from devastating events.

For example, in an area of Myanmar (Burma) known for conflict and fighting, villagers were forced to flee into nearby towns and cities. International Ministries (IM) partner, the Myanmar Baptist Convention (MBC), using White Cross funds, mobilized local churches to minister to the needs of the internally displaced people with Christian affection and hospitality. They distributed rice, oil, beans, canned fish, eggs, noodles, and water as well as provided shelter and Christian hospitality.

The MBC, as the umbrella organization for many different Baptist groups in Myanmar, was able to meet the needs as they came together to feed the hungry and to provide shelter for refugees and internally displaced people, demonstrating first hand that we are indeed one in Christ. This is something that is made possible through the ministry of IM global servants and international partners, and it only happens because of your generous gifts to IM and to White Cross projects.

In Matthew 25:31-46, Jesus shares with us how our Christian walk will be evaluated. Jesus said that whatever we do for the least, the most vulnerable, the most destitute of his brothers and sisters, we do it to Jesus Himself. So when you give to IM and to White Cross projects to feed the refugees and the displaced people, to provide them with water and shelter, and to ensure that they receive Christian hospitality, you are doing these things to Jesus and for God’s glory. Matthew 25:34 says that for your generosity “the King will say… come, you that are blessed by my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.”