Posted on March 25, 2020 White Cross in Action in the Dominican Republic

This situation we are facing right now makes me think of White Cross and its beginning.  It was due to the need of bandages, and surgical aid during WWI that this opportunity to serve came and two ladies from OH took the initiative. From this,  now we are celebrating 100 years of White Cross around the world. What a gift, what a blessing, what a challenge. Here in the Dominican Republic we have been blessed by receiving every year White Cross funds for Baby Layettes, Children, and Communities. Many have been served and blessed with these. You never know when you are going to need them, but they are always there to bless. This past week I took Hand Soap, Hand Sanitizer and Clorox to San Jose and La Javilla schools. They were in great need of these due to the COVI-19 situation and the lack of water in the community and poor hygiene. These two communities and very vulnerable and very poor. White Cross funds helped with these!


We have also been distributing during the year baby layettes to hospitals and communities. Many girls of only 12-16 years old are not ready to be a mom, either to have anything for their baby. This is where White Cross comes in to help and bless these girls. It is sad to see that they are just babies having babies and they have to face this alone. Baby Layettes come to be their lifesaver and a blessing. For many years I have been distributing Baby Layettes to many communities here in the Dominican Republic.


Thank you White Cross! Happy 100th. years of Services.