November 13, 2023 White Cross – Hungary Bilingual Education Support
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GoalThe goal of this project is to provide equipment, teaching materials, cultural opportunities and financial compensation for the staff of the bilingual program at Rákóczi Ference Bi-Lingual Baptist Primary School in Téglás, Hungary.
SummaryThis White Cross project seeks to raise $5,882 annually in order to stimulate constant motivation among students in the long-term process of language learning in Téglás, Hungary.
DescriptionBefore Hungary gained its independence from Communist rule in 1989, the country was isolated from English-speaking countries. Students who speak English have greater educational and economic opportunities. They have the potential to better their lives and provide for their families. The national income is a mere $600/month, but most make less than that. The Baptist Primary School in Téglás offers a high-quality bilingual program that is open to all students. But the extra expenses create quite a hardship for the families of these students. There are extra books to buy, and an expensive language exam that, if they pass, helps students get into good high schools and universities. The English teachers take great pride in this program, spending extra time preparing and finding materials for families who cannot afford to buy what the school offers. The teachers know that mastery of English will give their students a head-start in education and in the job market. Supporting this project will not only encourage the teaching staff and increase the popularity of the program, it will improve the quality of the program thereby increasing the number of students who can successfully pass the A2 level English exam at the end of their 8th grade year. The project total cost is $ 17,647 over the next 3 years, or $5882 per year.
Suggested GiftsA gift of $500 would provide compensation for half of the teachers who provide leadership to the program. A gift of $1,000 provides teaching materials – textbooks, etc., for one year or provides cultural experiences. A gift of $2,000 provides the technology to support this program. A generous gift of $5,000 supports the entire program for one year!
Prayer RequestsPray for the 9 dedicated English teachers who find creative ways to encourage their students. Program for the 20 – 30 new students who join the program annually. Pray for the families whose lives are improved as their students become more fluent in English.
Managed ByStanton, Larry & Rebecca