March 5, 2018 White Cross – Global Human Trafficking
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GoalThe goal of this project is to to provide materials used to reach out to women and children being exploited in labor or prostitution.
SummaryThis White Cross project seeks to raise $10,000 annually to produce educational materials for churches and individuals around the world interested in ending human trafficking.
Description“I will enter into judgment with them …[They have] traded boys for prostitutes, and sold girls for wine.” Joel 3:2-3 Jesus began his ministry by announcing that he had come “to proclaim release to the captives … to let the oppressed go free.” (Luke 4:18) American Baptists lived out these words as they began moving against slavery in the 1820s. Today, International Ministries combats modern-day slavery through global ministries of rescue and aftercare, addressing physical, mental, spiritual, education, relational and vocational needs. This project will be managed by missionaries and Baptist partners in many countries around the world. It is anticipated that this project will improve the overall emotional and spiritual well-being of those caught in human trafficking as they realize that others do care about them.
Suggested GiftsYour support will help provide: Snacks and coffee to help start conversations with victims of human trafficking. Hygiene products and gift bags. Educational materials about human trafficking and how churches can make a difference.
Prayer RequestsPlease pray for protection from abuse for the women and children caught in the web of prostitution and for those who are being exploited in domestic labor jobs. Please pray for the people God has led to reach out to those who have been trafficked, that they demonstrate God’s unending grace.
Managed ByIM missionaries and partners in various countries