Posted on October 23, 2017 We’re Leaving Thailand
Chuck and Ruth Fox 2017

September 15, 2017


Dear Partners in Christ,

Greetings from the Foxes in Thailand!  It has been some time since we have sent out an update.  There has been much happening, but there is also much change afoot.  We have been waiting to finalize the details of this change before writing to you.  After 18 years since our arrival to work as International Ministries global servants in Thailand (August 10, 1999), we are moving back to the United States next month.

Chuck has tendered his resignation from IM and will be stepping into a new role as senior pastor of the First Baptist Church of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the middle of October.   This decision has not been made lightly or without forethought.  While our ministry in Thailand has been richly fulfilling and continues to provide opportunities for service, God has clearly opened the doors to this new role.  FBC Pittsburgh has been one of our faithful partner churches during our time in Thailand, and we are excited that God is going to continue our partnership with them.  Our presence in Pittsburgh will also allow us to be closer to Chuck’s parents, something that has been on our hearts for the past year.  After some time with his parents this summer, it became clear that God’s timing is perfect.

And what about Ruth?  Initially, Ruth will continue with IM on an extended home assignment.  She is in conversation with IM regarding the possibility of a role with IM that will utilize her experiences in Thailand/Asia and allow her to continue responding to her call to ministry. When we know more about this possibility, we will surely update you again.  In the meantime, we hope and pray that those of you who are currently supporting us, will continue to support Ruth through this transition.

We have been so incredibly blessed by the opportunity to serve God here in Thailand for these many years.  God has given us more than we ever expected.  Who knew all the ways that we would be able to be involved in the life of and ministry to the people of Thailand?  We could never have anticipated the variety of ministries in which we have been allowed to participate, and the joy we have received from the relationships that have developed through them.

It is so important that we let you know how valuable your support has been to us.  The ministry here, and our participation in it, could NOT have happened without all of you who have demonstrated your trust in us through your prayers, cards, encouraging words, and financial support.  It is humbling to know that nothing we have done has been possible without the hand of God and without so many partners along the way.

Over the past months, we have continued to serve alongside the Akha Churches of Thailand (ACT) and the Chiang Rai International Christian School (CRICS), our ministry partners here.  Chuck’s recent activities have included involvement with:  pastors’ training sessions, drug rehabilitation program, a water project in Myanmar, visiting villages, encouraging pastors, and Bible teaching.  Ruth made a STEP visit to Myanmar, held a special training session for the ACT women, directed the Summer Enrichment Camp at CRICS, and focused on development issues for CRICS, in addition to her responsibilities as the 2nd grade teacher at CRICS.

We covet your understanding, support, and prayers during this period of transition.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.  If you would like Ruth to visit with you while on home assignment, please let her know at  Thank you again for everything!  May God bless you!


Chuck and Ruth Fox, IM Global Servants to Thailand