Posted on December 13, 2022 We Have Tickets!!!!
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We have Tickets!!!! So we’re half way back.

Katrina and I have begun the process to apply for our visas to return to the field. We have had such a wonderful time catching up with so many of our churches and individual partners over the last 6 months. We are so grateful and thankful for the time we have had in the States but getting “back home” sounds good. Now for the hardest part, which is where you come in dear friend.

An aspect…the major aspect… of this process means trying to convince authorities to let you live in their country. Its kind of like a job interview but of your whole family. Your 12 year old that refuses to cut his hair or smile in photos, your 14 year old that loves brightly colored neon hair, are all being interviewed.

I approach this time with a certain level anxiety.

There is the initial application. Then there is our arrival which requires officers to approve our wish to enter and reside a second time. Thirdly, officers will visit us at the office to check on us from time to time. After all of this, every 90 days we are required to check in with these same officers (this last one is usually pretty straight forward).

Foreigners like us are often looked at with skepticism by immigration officers.  But it often causes me to look at immigrants in our own country with a lot of grace and compassion.

We want you to pray for our anxiety, our ability to speak fluently with these officers, and that we would be a light to them.

We know that on the others side of all the paper work and anxiety is a wonderful opportunity to share Jesus’ love with amazing people. Moments of breaking bread with neighbors, laughing with friends. We are looking so forward to our return.

For security purposes we don’t share specifics publicly but are happy to zoom or write privately when requested