Best Practices for Global Encounter Watch Party Hosts

Thank you for hosting a Global Encounter watch party! We hope it strengthens community ties and deepens relationships within your group and with International Ministries (IM). Below are some best practices to guide you:


Inform your guests about the dynamic and multicultural program they’ll experience. Highlights include:

  • Global worship sessions: Sing along with choirs from Hungary, the US, and Burma.
  • Lively music: Enjoy praise bands from the Dominican Republic and Brazil, and dance performances by the Congolese youth and Angolan women.
  • Engaging content: Interactive games, quizzes, and polls, hosted by IM leaders Sharon Koh, Jorge Medero, and Dezo Schreiner.


The event will be streamed via Zoom. You’ll receive a link via email to join. You don’t need to have a Zoom account. You can enter the Zoom meeting as a guest simply using the link that we provide.

  • Setup: Test your internet connection and Zoom software beforehand to ensure a smooth viewing experience. For technical support, attend our watch party info session on May 7 at 7 p.m. ET or visit our Tech FAQs on the Resources page for assistance.
  • Cameras: We would love for you to create a sign that you can hold up during the event (and also send us a video ahead of time) that tells your location—country and city or region. This will mean turning your camera on for at least a portion of the session.
  • Audio: We will keep all participants muted during the live stream sessions in order for everyone to hear presenters and worship components clearly.
  • Join 5 Minutes Before the Start: The Zoom meeting for the two live stream sessions will open 5 minutes prior to the start time. Join us a few minutes early to see announcements about IM programs. Music will be playing prior to the start so you may check your speakers and set the desired volume for your group.
  • Polls and Questions: We will post polls and questions on the live stream and use the chat feature in Zoom. Remember to have your guests scan the QR code with their phones to respond to Mentimeter poll questions or type your answers into the chat. Plan to have someone sitting at your computer to type in those answers.
  • Live Translation: We will use a web-based app called Wordly for live translation and captioning throughout the two live stream sessions. When you open Zoom, there will be a link in the chat to open Wordly either in the Zoom window or in a separate browser window. There you will be able to select the language you would like to see, and text will automatically be generated in that language when our hosts and presenters start to speak.
  • Breakout Sessions: There are a number of options for 60-minute breakout sessions following each of the two live stream sessions. If people in your group want to attend different sessions, you will need at least one computer per breakout session. The breakout sessions are interactive, so you’ll want to be sure that your audio and video are working on whatever computers you use. The list of options for breakout sessions, along with the Zoom link for each breakout session, will be available and sent to you ahead of the Global Encounter. Keep an eye out for emails!
  • Recordings: Each of the two live stream sessions will be recorded. These will be available on the IM Vimeo account by 6:00pm on Wednesday evening, May 22. If your watch party can’t take place during the time of the live streams, you are welcome to host your party after the fact and watch the recordings. They will be accessible to registrants through the end of 2024.


Consider featuring dishes from our complimentary recipe book. Optionally, organize a potluck where guests can bring a dish to share, encouraging favorite dishes from around the world.

Social Sharing

Encourage guests to share the event on social media using the hashtag #GlobalEncounter to connect with other audience members globally.

In addition, we would love for each watch party group to record a short :30 video after the live stream session in which you tell us how you and your group are Responding Together for Good! Upload your short video clips here.

Hosting Tips

  • Environment: Ensure the venue is clean, comfortable, and has sufficient seating and visibility. Ensure that everyone in the room can hear audio from your computer.
  • Décor: Consider decorating the venue to help IM celebrate 210 years of ministry, or decorate using items representing other countries around the world.
  • Engagement: Be attentive and facilitate discussions around the event to foster engagement and inclusivity. Remember to download items from our Resources page, including a fill-in-the-blank game and other activities, and make copies for everyone!

Remember, these are guidelines to enhance your hosting experience; adapt as needed to fit your group’s dynamics.