Posted on August 20, 2023 Walking on Water – Ministry in South Africa June-July 2023
Praying for Youth
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Ministry in Qonce, South Africa

June – July 2023

Walking On the Water

Matthew 14:28-29a(NLT) “Then Peter called to Him, “Lord if it’s really You, tell me to come  to You walking on the water.” “Yes, come” Jesus said.”

Bethany Emmanuel Baptist Church – Holiday  Club 2023

Praying for Youth

Calvary Baptist Church – Youth Day Prayer 2023









Hello Family, Friends, and Ministry Partners:

I hope you are all enjoying your summer. Thank you for trusting me with your prayer requests. Thank you for also sending back praise reports to answered prayers.

My neighbor shared his sugar cane harvest today with me.  So today I was trying to eat sugar cane just like I did when I was a little girl growing up in Georgetown, Guyana.  I did not have a cutlass(machete) so how was I going to eat it. The grown up in me was already thinking YouTube tutorial.  Then I remembered, it was as simple biting and chewing. I enjoyed my sugar cane.

The Bible passage in Matthew 14 when Jesus told Peter to come, and walk on water, is like me trying to over think the process of eating sugar cane. Faye Carol, the little girl, looked at her Grandfather Daw eating the sugar cane and I did the same. Just like Peter who took His eyes off the perfect example, Jesus, I took my eyes off what my elders taught me. The Holy Spirit did have to bring the process back to my memory and I had a good laugh at myself.

In ministry, I must learn daily to keep it simple to walk on water. I must also remember that Jesus will tell me when to come out of my safety zone. He always says, “look at me”. He will always pull me up when I am sinking. I must remember that my learners are not Professional Teachers, Rocket Scientists, Engineers, and Mathematicians yet. Each learner’s possibility is endless with Jesus in their heart. Most of all Love with the heart of Christ Jesus.

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“Enkosi kakhulu, ndiyabulela.” (Thank you very much, I am grateful.)

God bless and keep you all,

Faye Carol

Global Servant

Qonce, South Africa

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