Posted on April 15, 2017 Walking in Newness of Life

… just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, so we too might walk in newness of life. Rom 6:4b

During the time before our Easter celebration, my thoughts focus on the promise God has given us so we can walk in newness of life –  and reflecting on those words reminds me of some experiences in my recent trip to Nepal.


Walking along the path to the guest house where I stay, I saw the process of earthquake reconstruction, slowly rebuilding to bring newness of life to those people whose houses were damaged.


Walking around the classrooms of Asha Bal Bikash Sewa (ABBS), the HDCS school for children living with disabilities, I saw a young boy walk – in newness of life – who once, when he arrived at ABBS 7 years ago, was totally paralyzed from the effects of his being born with cerebral palsy.


New educational opportunities will continue to bring the ability to walk in newness of life:

ABBS children enjoy educational games on tablets specific to their learning capabilities;

New commentaries for a Bible College’s library expand the theological resources for the students.


Catching up with two women leaders who participated in the Training for Conflict Transformation Trainers in Egypt, I listened as they shared their experiences from this training towalk in newness of life, personally and professionally.


Effective training for me personally and professionally… a flowing grace transforms my attitude and understanding… I have been transformed: in relationships, perceptions, and facilitation skills.”


“Able to relate, adopt and design the contents, training, and teaching tools in our own context… I am transformed… my initial narrow idea for worshiping God has transformed into a broader my mind set… the biggest thing I saw were Muslims and Christians coming together for making peace.”


After the worship service at church I met two colleagues from the past:


The wife of the pastor, who started the local Baptist church Bucky and I attended, sharing her experience during the worship service of her walking in newness of life as they moved from Nepal to UK to minister to the great number of Nepalis living there;


A rural pastor, my meeting him for the first time since my time in 2007 teaching him in a basic discipleship class at the Baptist 12-week training for rural pastors and lay leaders, brought tears to my eyes: seeing him and hearing of his continued walking in newness of life God promises to him and his remote village congregation.


Thank you for your faithful praying and giving which bring newness of life to Nepal in a variety of ways.


May you experience this Easter promise from God anew,