Posted on June 1, 2022 Waiting with God

June Bunce shares some thoughts and reflections on what it is like to wait on and with God to show the way. May you be inspired by her words:

“Back in January 2022, I was scheduled to join two other workers on a short-term mission trip to a country in Africa. My first mission trip ever! I was nervous, but so excited! I’d never had an experience like the one I was gearing up for, and I was so ready to stretch my comfort zone…or so I thought. As the departure date drew closer, the fiery excitement I initially felt began to be overshadowed by warnings I received from medical professionals, loved ones, our government, and myself – warnings about the area to which I was planning to travel, warnings about the array of worst-case-scenarios that could happen. Despite the reassurances from missionaries who’d lived in the area for decades, I couldn’t shake the fear that making the trip was not a wise decision. Ultimately, I chose to postpone my visit. During my deliberation, however, myriad questions flooded my mind: Why had I really agreed to go on this trip in the first place – did I truly feel called to go and serve, or did the prospect just make me feel cool and adventurous? If I truly felt called to take this journey, why was I allowing my fear to win out over my faith? I regularly pray for God to give me the humility and courage to go where he calls me. Was this a test I had failed? Had God called my bluff? Why was I feeling more apprehension about this trip than the other international voyages I had coming up – was it because those countries weren’t as far away, or because their cultures were more similar to mine, therefore I felt that I would be “safer”? What does that say about me? I don’t want to downplay the advice of those who discouraged me from going on the mission trip – their warnings were grounded in a horrific reality for many who live in the area to which I planned to travel. But there is another reality that resides there as well – one of love and joy, excitement and welcome, camaraderie and intentional connection. When my would-have-been-travel-buddy returned home from the trip, he regaled us with stories of life-changing discovery, heart-transforming friendships, sobering culture shock, and a longing to one day go back. And I ached with regret that I’d not joined him. I still wrestle with the questions that plagued me before. While I may not have been ready for my trip in January 2022, I will continue to pray for guidance and clarity as I discern the paths to which God calls me – paths that will challenge me, stretch me, scare me. And I will continue to pray for the ability to walk those paths with humility and courage.”

If you want to hear a bit more about June’s journey, feel free to catch the B4M podcast episode: