As an exhibitor at the Urbana Conference which was held in Indianapolis (IN) in December 2022, the IM exhibit booth had an impact on over 5,000 attendees coming from nearby states and foreign countries.

A team of ten multi-lingual IM staff, Global Servants, Missionary Kids and Emerging Leaders attended the Urbana Conference this past December 2022. We rented 3 spaces for the exhibit booth, giving us ample space to welcome, sit and chat with our many visitors..

We had visitors from nearby states (IN, MI, NY,..) and foreign countries like, Canada, Taiwan, India, etc… Some were sent by family members and colleagues, others were curious about our global outreach. Others wanted to chat, pray, start discernment conversations and receive some of the gifts we had brought with us. It is all about making individual connections which might have started in some workshops or during a Bible study or a meeting at an affinity group. QR codes were scanned and pamphlets and globe keychains were given.


Rev. Dr. Lee Spitzer’s daughter stopped by with a colleague from the Urbana praise team. Dr. Spitzer’s daughter is a professional violinist.


A friend and colleague from Taiwan stopped by:


A special visit by Rev. Dr. Al Tizon blessed us:


Beautiful moments shared with Rev. Chow:

Thank you for all the prayers and support.

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