Posted on May 24, 2023 Vellore Foundation recognizes IM/ ABFMS

Vellore Foundation recognizes IM/ABFMS

Benjamin Chan

May 24, 2023


The NY-based Vellore CMC Foundation, during its Annual Meeting held on May 24th, 2023, recognized IM/ ABFMS (and six organizations) for their faithful and generous support of CMC Vellore, India for more than the past 50 years. The Foundation also recognized ten individual donors, each of whom has similarly provided their unwavering support for 50 years. It is reassuring to see there are now many professional and business people, mostly of India origin, who have become generous supporters. Thanks to the able leadership of the Foundation’s president, John A. Riehl and his team, CMC Vellore has been awarded four consecutive ASHA grants from the USAID. (click to read about American Schools and Hospitals Abroad Grant:,between%20U.S.%20citizens%20and%20citizens%20of%20other%20countries.) To learn more about the Vellore CMC Foundation, click on the following link:

For the past three years, I have represented IM as a Board Member of Vellore CMC Foundation. For the past five decades, IM has provided annual and project grants to support their mission and ministries.