Posted on February 14, 2012 Valentines Greetings from Brazil
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Dear Friends:

We apologize for sending out something that is not personal, but have been trying to find a way to make sure everybody receives a regular update on our ministry in Brazil.
Please email back to tell us if you want to be taken off the list – we promise we won’t be offended! Or, especially if you are a church, let us know if there is someone else who should be getting our emails, and include their contact information.

January Update:
Each February, we ask churches and individuals supporting the Hope ministry to add a little something to their Valentine’s preparations. As you make cards for friends and family, and maybe for that special loved one, take the time to make a card for one of our girls in Brazil! The cards are given to the girls during a party celebrating Brazil’s Day of Love in early summer, so you have plenty of time.

As the valentines are passed out, godly women talk to the girls about the meaning of love, the importance of purity, and their value as the highest creations of the God that truly loves them. The smiles and squeals as the girls open their valentines are great rewards, but having the chance to change their self-perception means so much more.

It is an appalling truth that many of our girls have been sexually abused and exploited, and we are heartbroken by the lives these girls were forced to lead before they came to us. But we rejoice to see their innocence restored, to know that our God is a God of new beginnings.

Help these girls celebrate their new beginning! Send your valentines to:

Hope Unlimited for Children
PO Box 2707
Los Alamitos, CA 90720.

Support Update:
While we are responsible to raise the funds within Brazil and the U.S. to support the Hope ministry and  140 full time Brazilian ministry workers, our personal support and benefits are partially underwritten by American Baptists and International Ministries. Thank you for the important role you play in keeping our ministry going!   Gifts in support of Philip and Corenne Smith should be sent WITH A NOTE to:

International Ministries
Philip and Corenne Smith
P.O.Box 851
Valley Forge, PA 08651

(or go to the link  and we are listed under people who serve)

Thank you and many, many blessings!

In His Hope,
Corenne and Philip Smith
(609) 558-5859


Lucas turned 13 on the 1st
Airton is turning 11 on the 2nd
Kelly is turning 13 on the 5th
Michel is turning 18 on the 8th
Paloma is turning 8 on the 10th
Lucas is turning 10 on the 11th
David is turning 15 on the 13th
Arlinda is turning 14 on the 14th
Juliana is turning 11 on the 17th
Alessandra is turning 14 on the 18th
Ketlyn is turning 15 on the 25th
Rodrigo is turning 18 on the 25th