Posted on January 14, 2019 Urgent Request
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Dear Loved Ones,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to each one of you. Let me introduce you to a case that is troubling to us.

The girl is the photo is 20-year-old Daniel Florica from Port-au-Prince, the capital city of Haiti. She is a freshman in my class of Motivation to the university and professional life.

On Saturday December 1st, her mother, a small street merchant, was kidnapped and on Wednesday December 5 she was brutally killed. This traumatic experience has left young Daniel Florica devastated. I have been talking to her since then. Today she came to announce to me that she was quitting the school because nobody is there to pay for her future education.  I looked at her for a minute without saying a word. Tears filled my eyes. When I was looking at her, I could not stop thinking of my own daughter who just left us yesterday to return to the States with her family.

What can Daniel possibly become in a rough society like Haiti without any college education? She has only one possible choice: become a man’s tool for pleasure. I asked her to wait before quitting.

Can we all turn Daniel’s situation into a Christmas testimony of love?

Thank you for helping Daniel Florica finish her education.

In Haiti,
Nzunga & Kihomi


Dear Friends,

I don’t think the Good Samaritan had scheduled stopping on his journey to use his resources to help a person in need.  But when he saw the situation, he had compassion and did what was needed.

There are many tragedies in the world and we can’t help them all, however sometimes God brings one close to home.  Daniel has lost everything, her source of support both emotionally and financially.  Now will we interrupt our Christmas plans to do the right thing.  Tuition in Haiti is inexpensive by USA standards, about $1500 a year.  She will need more for food and shelter, but it is still cheap compared to what it would be in our world.

Let’s turn this awful event into, as Nzunga says, a Christmas miracle.  Note on the memo area of your check to IM “Nzunga Scholarship Fund – D.  Florica.”

Very few girls in Haiti get a high school education.  Even fewer a collage degree.  Please respond as quickly as you can.

Because He loved us first,
Denny Shewell – MPT Communications Advocate & Convener

Diana Peysha – Prayer Advocate
Terry Bivens – Missions Involvement Energizer
Les Roberson – Specific Needs Advocate
Charles Newman – Financial Advocate