Posted on January 24, 2015 Update on Mama Luti Makunu

I told Mama Luti’s story in January 2011. Mama Luti Makunu Mayumbu was one of our very first literacy graduates in the Vanga area. She had started school, but was pulled out in early primary school to care for her sick mom, who subsequently died. Then she continued to care for her younger brothers and sisters, and keep house for her dad.

When she grew up she married and continued the same life. But she always regretted leaving school so early and never learning to read. Over the years she developed a hunger for God’s word in the Bible. When the woman’s president started reading classes in her village she jumped at the chance to learn to read the Bible. She was the only student who persevered to learn to read well and graduate. In 2010 I attended a Bible-study Ligue gathering where I met Mama Luti, who had become the Bible study leader for her village.

I haven’t been in the Lusekele/Vanga area except for a visit since the summer of 2012, but last month I was talking with the young man who has been leading Sunday school teacher trainings and programs in the area. He said, “You remember Mama Luti? Well, she’s started Sunday school classes for the kids of her village of Kikosi. Not only that, but she has become the lay leader and leader of the discipleship class for the congregation at Kikosi. Yes, she is still the Ligue Bible study leader for her village too. We’re telling her that she’s stretching herself too thin, that she needs to choose just one or two things to do.”

Praise God for Mama Luti and the transformation he has done in her life! God took a simple poor widow, mom and farmer, gave her her heart’s desire, and made her the main teller of his Good News in her village. Praise God for her willing heart to share the Good News that she has found with her fellow villagers, and to respond to every need. Pray that God will call others to join her in this service to children, to the church and to those who also want to discover God’s Word from her village.