Posted on November 15, 2021 Upcoming travel!
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November 2021

Upcoming Travel!

After almost two years of restricted travel due to the pandemic, I am finally planning my first international visit to partners. Read below about one of the ministries that I will be visiting, prayer requests, and hear from one of my encouragers about why he chose to support global health through this ministry.

Northeast India

A few weeks ago I received a request from the man pictured above. This is Dr. John Sangma, and he is the medical director for TWO mission hospitals as well as an eye surgeon providing much needed cataract surgery in a small, rural village. Dr. John has always welcomed me with his big smile and boundless energy, but over the last year, the tragedy of the COVID-19 pandemic has hit India particularly hard.

Dr. John’s recent email asked if I would please visit soon as it had been too long since my last visit. He indicated that not only did he want to thank me (and International Ministries) for the life-giving support offered during their crisis, but he also needed the encouragement of a visit for himself and his staff. During the spring of 2021, I sent a newsletter asking for help and donations to be given for India. Because of those gifts, International Ministries was able to provide thousands of dollars, in the form of grants, for many hospitals in India. Two of those hospitals were the hospitals that Dr. John oversees. He shared with me that these funds allowed him to continue paying salaries (although only partially) to all of his staff so that they could provide the many services required by their community. Because of the generosity of so many people, Dr. John did not have to lay off any of his personnel. This is such a blessing!

I am planning on visiting India (specifically Northeast India) in February. I will visit several mission hospitals and nursing schools to give encouragement and listen. I am sure that I will hear many stories of God’s hand at work over the last year. I would ask for your continued prayers as I share in worship services, meet with students and staff, and offer any comfort that my visit will provide. We will discuss ongoing projects and their ideas for the future. I also ask for travel mercies and a clear indication that it is safe to travel. I expect this to be a rich time of reuniting with dear friends and colleagues.

I have one more international visit I will be making very soon (before India) but I cannot give any details at this time. Please simply keep my travel in your prayers and know that I will share with you when I return.

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