Posted on May 1, 2020 Uniting Baptists in South Asia

Uniting Baptists in South Asia

Benjamin Chan

May 1, 2020

Four WhatsApp chat groups have been set up to connect International Ministries (IM) partners in South Asia to give support to each other facing the COVID-19 crisis. The first United India Baptist Worship is organized on May 28 to strengthen our fellowship and unity. About 100 church leaders and representatives attended attend the worship including 12 from Japan, Singapore, South Africa, and USA. I brought greetings and released the 5th India Baptist Herald which is published to share COVID-19 update and prayer requests. Taku officiated the Communion. Other IM participants included Katie, former IM President Reg Mills, current Treasurer Paul Vick, staff Rodney Ragwan and Sandra Dorsainvil. “IM partner churches and organizations represent about 2.5 million Baptist members.” Shared by the worship coordinator Samaresh Nayak, who is also the Executive Director of the IM sponsored India Mission Coordination Committee.

Katie and Taku shared that “We are excited to see the fruit of the ABFMS ministry thrive and expand!  The India Mission Coordination Committee (IMCC), comprised of all our partner bodies, is taking a leading role in uniting Baptists from all over the nation.  During the Covid-19 crisis the IMCC provided print and digital materials to churches and member bodies to create awareness and prevention measures for the Coronavirus.

“Weekly national prayer: Additionally, each week there are virtual prayer gatherings with participation from all parts of South Asia to pray for the nation of South Asia and the world.

“India Baptist Herald: Every week Katie, along with the Executive Director of IMCC, Rev. Samaresh Nayak, and a colleague from Chennai,  Rev. Stephen Kumar collect news reports submitted by the IMCC Assoc. Directors and other contributors from each region of South Asia, and release a weekly newsletter.  This provides updates of the COVID situation in each region and reports of the ways the churches are reaching out to meet the needs of their communities.”